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We are a full-service construction company providing cost-effective solutions and controls in support of nuclear, defense, energy, and hazardous waste industries for the Department of Defense (DOD), Department Of Energy (DOE), United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and Local and State Governments.

Environmental Clean-Up + Management

Introduction to Environmental Clean-Up + Management

The reactors at Hanford, established in 1943, produced plutonium for America’s defense program for more than 40 years. In the process of making plutonium, the massive amounts of liquid and solid hazardous waste created as a by-product, continue to be the focus of the environmental cleanup efforts that have been underway for the last 30+ years.

At Elite Construction and Development, we support the U.S. Department of Energy as part of our Mentor-Protégé partnership with Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC (WRPS), in the substantial undertaking of hazardous waste cleanup and environmental remediation in and around the Hanford area.

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Team Members


Phil Borsik

Quality Assurance Manager

As Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, Phil ensures the highest level of procedural compliance from procurement through each phase of construction. Phil started his career in Virginia, graduating in the top 5% of his class from Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company Design Training program. Upon graduation, he started in the Nuclear Fuels Department where he developed design and fabrication drawings for the for re-fueling and de-fueling efforts of Nuclear Navy Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. The rest, we say, is history, as Phil gradually moved to the Pacific Northwest in increasing responsibility positions for nuclear-related companies. A golf enthusiast, he decided to relocate to the Tri-Cities (from Idaho) after witnessing golfers on the course on Christmas Day!

He brings almost 40 years of experience working under ASME NQA-1 requirements as well as experience developing and implementing NQA-1 programs to the highest level of Safety Significant. “The depth of Phil’s experience and knowledge of nuclear quality assurance are a great resource for us as we take on more government contracts”, says CEO Trini Garibay. Mutually, Phil sees the opportunity to help develop Elite’s government division as well as it’s NQA-1 Quality Assurance as the pinnacle of his career.

Phil loves music and attending live music concerts and sporting events. As a true outdoorsman he enjoys camping, fishing and riding 4-wheelers along with spending summers grilling and swimming in his backyard. He also enjoys visiting his children in Idaho.


Kyler Davenport

ES&H Specialist

As ES&H Specialist, Government Division since 2019, Kyler is responsible for developing and tailoring Elite’s safety program for federal government projects which is no easy task given the complexity of nuclear waste clean-up. He ensures our safety procedures and plans are followed correctly through regular field surveillances and investigations. He also tracks and coordinates all training for Elite construction workers on the Hanford site. Concurrently, Kyler is finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety from Eastern Kentucky University. But, let’s not stop there…Kyler served as supervisor in the US Marine Corp. prior to garnering13+ years of safety and health experience at government contract heavyweights and several OSHA certifications to make him an expert in his field.

While spare time is not something Kyler has much of, he does make coaching 11U tournament baseball, spending time with his kids, camping in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter top priorities.


Alice Ettesvold

Document Control Specialist

As Training Coordinator and Document Control Specialist, Alice contributes over 20 years of experience to the Elite team. She has the significant task of overseeing the company’s documents to safeguard regulatory, legal, and security compliance. Additionally, she monitors, forecasts and ensures compliance of all government division team-members with training requirements and certifications. She brings a diverse skill set paired with exemplary organizational skills earned through her roles in private industry, Department of Defense and Department of Energy.

Her knowledge has been and continues to be instrumental in the growth of our Government Division. And, her multi-faceted practices as a certified Zamboni driver, photographer, artist, and adventurer make her a unique and valuable member of our team. An Oregon native and ESU alum, Alice is also a proud grandmother of three extremely active granddaughters.


Levi Huebner


Levi joins Elite Construction + Development as Estimator. In his role, he’s responsible for various phases of the estimation process including conceptual, preliminary, and definitive estimates for government and public sector projects. This includes evaluating and identifying project costs, budget controls, alternative and comparative bids, and making sure bids and GMP’s are complete, accurate, and well supported by analyzing research, data, and trends.

Originally from Kennewick, Levi graduated with a BS in Construction Management from EWU and started his career at local construction companies. He moved to Seattle to work for a larger firm but a promotion at a significant government contractor brought him back home to the Tri-Cities. With 5 years of project engineering know-how under his belt and experience in various sectors of the construction industry including commercial, residential, industrial, and government projects, Levi is an additive member of our growing company.

When not working, Levi enjoys traveling, snowboarding, going to the gym and most things that involve being active. It’s no wonder that he recently took up golf and is now a self-proclaimed addict of the game.


Aryn Kerr

Sr. Project Manager

“Konstruktion Manager” is the translation of Aryn’s title in his second language. Fluent in German, Aryn is part of a core team charged with creating and developing the company’s Government Division At Elite since 2020, he leads, directs, and coordinates the overall management of federal government construction projects including, but not limited to demolition of existing infrastructure, installation of new infrastructure, new facilities, facility improvements, and other projects.

From founding his own collegiate painting company upon graduation from the University of Puget Sound to owning his own general contracting firm to amassing 10+ years in waste site remediation management for large government contract firms, Aryn’s construction management and engineering know-how is impressive. His focus on using his experience in environmental restoration and immobilization efforts at Hanford is also purposeful. According to Aryn, all things science and technology are of interest, especially as they pertain to the health and well-being of our planet.

When not working, you’ll find this recovering adrenaline junkie mountain biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking and back country skiing. We note “recovering” as skydiving and other highly dangerous sports were finally banned by Aryn’s wife, Rosanna.


Scott Kukes

Project Manager

Scott joined Team Elite in 2020 as Project Manager for our Federal Services department. His 15+ years of industry knowledge is incredibly additive in his role of overseeing construction projects for our fast-growing government division including working closely with clients to develop plans, establish timetables, and determine labor and material costs per contractual obligations, industry standards, and all regulatory guidelines. Before joining the team, Scott’s relevant experience included positions at top government contractors in the area.

While Tri-Cities is home, if Elite opens an office in Hawaii, Scott would likely be the first to relocate. He and his family love to travel but consider Maui a paradise and, with familial ties in the area, they hang like locals rather than tourists while there.

When not working, Scott enjoys spending time with family and friends. He and his wife, married for 18 years, have two athletic daughters and a chocolate lab. If not traveling for soccer or basketball tournaments, they enjoy spending time outdoors including hunting, fishing, and camping. However, they don’t have to venture far to enjoy being outside as backyard movie nights and steaks on the grill also count for recharging in nature.


Kelby B. Martin

Quality Assurance Specialist

As Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist, Kelby ensures the highest level of procedural compliance from procurement through each phase of construction. Growing up in Alaska, Kelby spent several years in quality control on Alaska’s North Slope (Alaska oil fields) at a geotechnical engineering firm and material testing agency specializing in gathering and analyzing soils, rock, and engineered construction materials for the geotechnical engineering, construction, and mining industries.

From a diamontologist certification to being fluent in Japanese, Kelby’s work and life experiences are vast, fascinating, and tied together by his attention to detail, as well as, the patience and wisdom to decipher complex information. He also has practical construction job-site experience that allows his knowledge to be relatable in the field. All of these traits are vital and necessary to help build’s Elite’s first-rate NQA-1 program.

When not working, Kelby enjoys biking, keeping up with his Japanese studies, and both domestic and international travel.


Dennis Nixie

Director, Government Operations

While we jokingly quip that Dennis Nixie is “the guy who knows the guy”, the truth is, Dennis is a connector and a mastermind at getting things done. He is well-respected in the federal construction industry and we are ecstatic to bring this veteran leader to Team Elite as head of our government division.

Dennis has 38 years of construction management, supervision, and engineering experience in the federal and commercial markets. This includes 18 years of USDOE work involving construction projects at the Hanford Tank Farms in Washington and at the Idaho National Lab. His previous role was that of Construction Manager executing significant upgrades and modifications to infrastructure systems to support the Tank Farm mission to supply waste to the USDOE Waste Treatment Facility. Mr. Nixie has significant experience performing construction management, engineering, and startup roles for fixed price contracts in the DOE, DOD, and commercial markets. He is well traveled with extensive experience in the Chemical Demilitarization arena as well as Commercial Nuclear projects.

Dennis or “Papa”, as he’s referred to by his two grandsons, is a microbrew aficionado and fan of camping and fishing. He and his wife of 39 years are prone to spontaneous camping trips in and around the Pacific Northwest. Dennis hails from the northeast but has made the Tri-Cities his home for almost 20 years.


Levi Sherman

Construction Manager

At Elite since 2019, Levi is responsible for the creation, development, and growth of the government division. He brings over 30 years of hands-on and managerial construction experience working at the highest level of safety in significant projects – NQA-1. His day-to-day responsibilities run the gamut and include everything from strategic planning to business development to overseeing procedural compliance, which Levi takes in stride with the confidence and high self-sufficiency of a rodeo athlete before and after a ride.

The rodeo reference is deliberate. A retired bull rider, Levi still embraces the lifestyle, attending rodeos every weekend as 3 of his 9 children continue to participate. “I don’t watch television, I don’t have cable or an antenna. I work, I rodeo.” Levi says in jest as he recalls joining the carpenter’s union after high school and performing civil and mechanical work on nearly every dam and bridge on the Columbia (River). He proceeded to take increasing-responsibility roles in several states before returning home to focus on the remediation efforts occurring near his hometown. His experience includes supervising the exhauster installation at the AP Tank Farm, which won a Project Excellence Award, and working on the Tank Farm automation upgrades.

He sees his move to create Elite’s Federal Government Division as the opportunity to continue to innovate the waste clean-up and management process and to collaborate with the other specialties at Elite in order to fuel growth as one significant company.

Accolades and Awards

WRPS Mentor-Protege


As a DBE and MBE, we are proud to work alongside WRPS as part of their Mentor-Protégé program for three years running. The DOE Mentor-Protégé Program is designed to encourage DOE prime contractors to assist small disadvantaged businesses by enhancing their capabilities to perform contracts and subcontracts for DOE and other federal agencies.

PMI Award for Project Excellence


Levi Sherman, Aryn Kerr, Kyler Davenport and Phil Borsik were team members that participated in the construction and testing activities for the WRPS’ AP Farm Exhauster Upgrade Project which received this prestigious award.

Project of the Year


The same team of Levi Sherman, Aryn Kerr, Kyler Davenport and Phil Borsik won the Project of the Year Award for the WRPS’ AP Farm Exhauster Upgrade Project awarded by the Mid-Columbia chapter of PMI.